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ive stolen this line and used it so many times




I walked up to Jared at the autograph table and he caught me off-guard because he remembered me calling him my sunshine during the photo op, so he started with “You are my sunshine!”

I then said a few words and gave Jared my sobriety chip and the letter I wrote him, and he said:



Saturday the 27th of September is Jared Love Day!

After all those waves of hate against Jared in the last weeks (but especially because of this), nerdalecki from twitter came up with the idea for a Jared love day last night, and we decided to do it next Saturday! So, especially if you’re on twitter please please join in and tweet Jared lovely things with the hastag #jaredloveday!

pervysam and me decided to spread the word not only on twitter but also here on tumblr, with edits tagged as #jaredloveday and we’ll both post edits every evening until Saturday.


The year is 2068. Sam Winchester is 85 years old. He begins to suffer severe heart problems caused by being old as fuck. Dean gets in his motorized wheelchair and goes to the nearest crossroads at a speed of 3mph and trades his soul for Sam’s life. It is at this point that even the crossroads demons are beginning to worry about the Winchesters’ unhealthy codependency problems. 


OITNB + bitch.


Jensen just called Jared “Sammy.” #DallasCon



Breaking Bad


Sam + pastels
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